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Rockstar Retreats

As they say… cream rises to the top!

Sadie Nardini - fabulous, fun and fierce

As the popularity of yoga has steadily increased over the past 10-20 years, the opportunity presented itself for yoga teachers to develop their practice and create a number of business opportunities. Certainly many of them, both veterans and newer yogis, have been responsible for this tremendous explosion. And in the process, yogis created their own brands and image in the market.

As in every walk of life, those that are determined, competent, personable, persistent and very passionate about what they do tend to rise to the top of their fields. Many yogis develop their own style and even brand of yoga. Some own their own studios, conduct teacher training, participate in yoga conferences and festivals and make appearances around the world as featured teachers by invitation.

Some create products, produce books, videos, DVDs, youtube channels, and TV shows. The list continues to grow…

Many of the world’s top yogis lead retreats throughout the year. Guess what? You can go with them… It’s affordable.

This is such a unique opportunity. Let’s say you also like to golf or play tennis; maybe you want to act or sing? Do you think you could arrange to get instruction from Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Brad Pitt or Adele? Never. But if you could, what would it cost?

With yoga you can practice with the best of the best. We know there are thousands of teachers out there that are just as good and passionate as these rock stars, just not as famous – YET! The learning shared between these incredible teachers with regular yoga practitioners, and up and coming teachers, make these retreats very special. We encourage you to consider a Rockstar Yoga Retreat and when you go, we’d love to hear about y0ur experience (see our post a review section).

If not now, when? Tallyho.

Rockstar Yogis…

Sadie Nardini


Shiva Rea


Kathryn Budig


Elena Brower


Eoin Finn