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Brent McCord

Hi, my name is Brent McCord.

All things Yoga have become one of my many passions in life so I intend to use this blog to talk about my experiences, pass on others experiences and insights and generally expand on all the great places where people are enjoying yoga, health and wellness, meditation, adventure and basically enjoying and taking responsibility for the quality of their lives.

Brent McCord

Yep, that's me on the beach, where I love to be...

I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled extensively for both business and pleasure…throughout most of Canada, dozens of states in the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe…up until about 6 years ago these trips never included yoga. I have been to many oceanside and mountainside resorts to indulge in my other passions being golf and skiing. Now all my travels include yoga in some way and of course the beauty is that it’s so easy to do and combine with whatever total experience you are trying to achieve.

The Ultimate Yoga Retreats was born out of really 2 inspirations…firstly my own very positive and life changing experiences associated with taking retreats and the very real benefits I continue to receive from them…and secondly, my desire to profile this very particular and important part of the yoga business that continues to grow, expand and is becoming an integral part of individual practice, teachers and teacher trainings, studios and retreat excursions and all the fabulous resorts and parts of the world that are providing these great experiences.

I always welcome your comments, feedback and insights!