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Types of Retreats

Types of Yoga resorts

Not all Yoga Retreats are created equally

To say that all yoga retreats are not created equal would be a serious understatement…

And that is to say, there are many different kinds of retreats from rustic to luxurious, very structured to moderately structured and all based on the type of yoga, location, wants and needs, price and the teacher/s leading the retreats.

Obviously the various types of yoga practiced will depend on the specific teachers leading the program and should be well communicated. Suffice to say that they will ensure all level of participants can enjoy the sessions.


Yoga Resort Mountains

Some Yoga Retreats are surrounded by nature...

In general here are the types of retreats you can expect to find:

Yoga Retreat:

  • Groups from 8-15 in a great location probably near water/mountains/nature
  • Fairly structured daily itinerary with flex time built in to enjoy optional excursions or just free time to relax
  • Most meals are included and usually have been prepared with a healthy focus and include a lot of vegetarian dishes
  • Can include some additional sessions of meditation, teachings and spiritual elements


Yoga Resort Spa

Other Yoga Retreats offer some pampering...


Yoga Vacation/Holiday:

  • Primarily a resort type setting
  • Yoga once a day
  • Fairly unstructured daily schedule allowing you to take advantage of the resort amenities i.e. spa, water sports, various restaurants and local activities


Ever wanted to try ziplining?


Yoga Adventure:

  • Always in fun and exotic locations in nature
  • Yoga combined with active adventure exploring the environment such as rainforests, ruins, mountains
  • Sport activities like surfing, sailing, cycling, hiking, paddle boarding


Yoga & Music Festivals:

  • These events are gaining in both popularity and numbers and combine the love of both yoga and music
  • They are usually held in beautiful settings where participants can choose from a variety of accommodations
  • It’s a sort of a la carte choice of various yoga teachers and musicians from which you can choose to attend… like a pick and choose yoga conference format but with a completely different vibe given the music and the outdoor settings


Yoga Class at Yoga Retreat

Immerse yourself and deepen your practice


Yoga Immersion:

  • These are quite well structured programs that cover a really broad range of yogic life
  • They are held at permanent centers at various locations around the world
  • Yoga is predominantly 2 sessions, usually in the morning and late afternoon
  • There will be meditation, possibly chanting and some Kirtan
  • There will be learning’s and teachings of various topics with a number of faculty involved
  • Food will be vegetarian based and there may or may not be access to alcohol
  • There is usually options to include holistic elements


Wellness/Holistic Centers:

  • Permanent Centers throughout the world
  • Centered on healing, wellness, nurturing, balance, spiritual
  • Include yoga, spa, detox, meditation, ayurvedic
  • Tremendous variety of programs to choose from


Yoga Resort Beach

Spend your downtime on the beach...